Are you a songwriter that would like some constructive feed back, help crafting your song, or increasing your skill? Kim offers songwriting coaching. She also offers consultation to worship leaders/teams. 

"Kim is a songwriter that I trust. Furnace Music has always reflected a culture of "honesty" and sincerity in our worship and thus we have challenged writers to dig deep into what reflects their unique history in God in their writing. Kim is a pioneer in this kind of honesty and vulnerability with her songwriting and in working with her through her full length album "Extravagant Mercy" much of the practical work-flow of Furnace Music's songwriting coaching was developed in partnership with Kim. Kim has worked with a number of Furnace Music artists to help develop their songwriting and "coach" them in practical writing habits that create and strengthen the "writing" muscle that we all have as humans and worshipers. Our movement is better for it and is seeing a harvest of new songs develop in part due to her labor, intercession and gift as a songwriter, teacher and encourager. I recommend new artists that are working with Furnace Music to seek out Kim and steer many of them to Kim as we move into projects and wholeheartedly encourage others to do so as well!"

-Nick Rector, Director of Furnace Music.

"Working with Kim was an incredible blessing.  She brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience in songwriting - going beyond the fundamentals and into the realm of master craftsman.  She listens to the heart of every song and songwriter - encouraging to delve deep, while giving the Spirit pre-eminence.  I walked away better at my craft and empowered to soar within my gift.”- Catherine Nicole

"Kim Hager's music is filled with a deep adoration for Jesus, refreshing creativity and a gripping honesty that is so needed in Christian art. In 2015, Kim gave me an opportunity to explore and express my gift for rapping by being featured on her album. It was my first time writing and recording for a project. Throughout the process, she not only coached me, but pastored me through my anxieties and writer's block. I felt so loved and empowered by her, knowing that she not only cared about my creativity, but me as a person. If you want to learn to write songs from the place of intimacy and vulnerability, take some time to sit under Kim's mentorship. I've rarely met someone so made to write songs before the Lord and equip others to do the same." - Michael Adams Campus Minister and Rap Artist 

"Kim has had a huge influence on my worship leading and songwriting. She helped train me in different aspects of leading worship teams, from things like how to direct musical dynamics, to moving the heart of God in worship and learning how to follow where the Spirit was leading, even to caring pastorally for my team. She has helped give me practical tools to lead well! Kim has also sharpened my songwriting ability. In sharing my songs with her she has given me her thoughtful feedback, asking good questions and challenging me to reach for authentic language, creativity, and honesty in my songs. I have been so grateful for her investment in my life as a worship leader and songwriter. Her years of experience in these areas mixed with the gentleness and humility she walks in makes her an excellent coach!” - Lesley Bramell, Musician and Worship Leader with The Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace